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Thursday, December 25, 2008


I was having a chill christmas until I logged onto WSHH and saw this...

I'm not going to mention their names, because that is what they want.
Give that money to someone that needs it. Greedy fucks.


Max Schaefer said...

What the fuck???

1.) That's 100,000 dollars... what kind of dumb fuck burns that shit?

2.) Even if they weren't going to give it to someone who needs it... THAT WAS 100,000 DOLLARS.

People are retarded

Dominique said...

thats fucked up on so many levels. for real, so many people starving/ freezing right now, and this dumb fuck wants to burn money.. he should light his own ass on fire, that money was worth more than him. makes me wanna throw on some spiked cleats and do work on his ugly ass face.

well.. hopefully a big deal is made out of it, and the gov finds out.. cuz burning money is illegal, and this cunt who gives everyone a bad name will get his.

Chaos Tha Great said...

that shits wasnt wavy son its madd people that coulda used ust a portion of that and these dicc heads torched that shit

Mr. Mutha****in eXquire said...

yeah... these niggas are retarded. I couldn't even understand the mush mouthed version of english they were trying to speak. Fuck these niggas with AIDS dicks for this one.