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Friday, December 26, 2008

Album Art

This is the first draft of Good Food album work by me. Despite its very simple layout, it took me ages to decide what goes where. The colours are from the blog if you didn't already guess - I pretty much use them for everything.

I think its really good. I hope you do too. I know some of you are not sure...

Update from the musical side of things: Max Schaefer performed a first draft of "Peaceful War" (see the beat in the imeem player in the sidebar). It was written and flowed very well and I am pretty excited about the track.


Max Schaefer said...

It's sick man

fuck what other people say...

Do you feel it? If yes... than fuck anything else.

Personally I like it... very esoteric.

Things are looking good for us my man... things are looking good.

NOBODYS fucking with this team... is it even a team? I dunno it should be... alright I'm gonna stop talking now..


-Max Schaefer

Teddybear Sr. said...

I likes! Dope!