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Thursday, December 25, 2008

See You In My Dreams

I zoned the fuck out on this on this one.

Is that even Hip Hop I am making anymore? I think I managed to reach one of my aims when I first created this blog. I saw that someone wrote "I just went back through all of my old updates and it's funny to see where I was back then" on their Twitter. So I decided to re-read my first blog post. I said that I didn't want to make beats, that I did not have the impetus. I think I proved myself wrong - I've made at least a beat a day, if not more, everyday since.

I also think that I have finally managed to transcend "Hip Hop of our generation and breaks into something unique and uncontaminated by comparisons". Which is a really cool Christmas present to myself, one that I will keep for life too. I guess my skewed genre affiliation has come in handy here. I am not trying to say this is my best beat, probably not by a long way, but it serves as a landmark for my evolving production style.

I guess I zoned out again. I keep listening to the drums and I'm out.

So, this is Merry Christmas to you all (again). If you like the song then let it be my gift to you. And you. And you. Annnd you...

- CH. -


DNelson said...

Shits ill yo.


One of your best.


Dominique said...

ahhh. you were right. thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

def one of my favorites from you