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Friday, January 09, 2009

Whilst Airborne

Written yesterday:

I think that there are two kinds of people - those that love to be sober and those that don't. I say this as I am 40,000 feet / 12,192 meters in the air. The dude next to me and I have gone through 3 bottles of red wine (unlimited and free). (He passed out onto his girlfriend half way through the flight (he couldn't handle his drink). I stayed up and listened to the drafts of Good Food, drank some more and wrote about deprivation, decline and degradation in the UK.

Back to the point: There are two types of people - those who thrive in absolute sobriety and those who believe they thrive when they aren't sober. Shit, I love being impaired...

...Especially when I make music. I don't believe that you can make the most technically precise sounds / music when you are fucked up, but you have no reserve (you lose your inhibitions). You try things that you wouldn't otherwise. (I planned to get drunk on the plane and make some crazy beats... But my battery died within 20 minutes. So I just sat back, plugged the iPod in, and zoned out.)

Anyway, I am 1 hour and 32 minutes from Philadelphia, traveling at 524 miles per hour. I want to go to Philadelphia and move at 524 miles per hour. I want Good Food and the pursuing projects to be the best of 2009's underground. I want them to be easy-listening but hard-hitting. I want them to loosen your tension but tighten your mind. (I had an artificial confidence boost.)

So I decided, the album will have NO fillers. If you don't come hard enough, you will not be on the mixtape. Good Food may end up being 5 songs long and if you don't give your best, don't bother. I am willing to sacrifice the best of the beats in order to showcase the best quality collaborations.

Take that how you will, but this album is not just for me, it is for those who I have given an opportunity to. If you don't put your heart and soul into the music you make, then you will be dragging the other people in the project down. That, simply, isn't fair.

Anyway. Outdrunk the fuck out of someone two times the size of me and I still want more. (*presses the "call assistant" button*).

I'm out...*sip*


Frank Ramz aka Frankenstein said...

i'm not even going to type the acronym, iThink spelling the whole thing out would be better...sooo


Anonymous said...

hahaha serious

btw i cant stop playing 'Let's Fly'

Cool Musik said...

dis some real shit i feel where u comin 4rm i'm slick high half da day the music i write wen impaired is crazy cause i dont talk or write like dat den if i can i'll go back and edit and give u dat THRAX (weed + chemicals = my rhymes high + my ryhmes sober= THRAX)


Dominique said...

hahahahaha. wonderful.

ahh love park. beautiful beautiful. (the park, and the hot skaters that inhabit it)