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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Got Me To Thinking...

Mile High, whoever you are, you killed it.

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Dominique said...

you did help lol i need as many opinions as possible. my major thing right now is safety, you know? costa rica & the amazon rainforest actualls costs a few thousand less than africa, which is def giving it a few points. in both i'd be helping people and staying a poverty stricken area. another plus for costa rica is that i'm almost fluent in spanish, and it'll def help me in learning. if i go to africa, i have to take a workshop in kiswahili. the unexplored aspect of the rainforest draws me in, but the downside is that if i get bitten by something or stung or step in some weird plant, theres not much that can be done because a lot of it is undiscovered. with africa, i have to get tons of vaccinations to make sure i don't catch anything. also, africa attracts me just because its.. africa. idk. i've just always wanted to go. i also want to check out the rainforest before we kill it all though. im so confused idk. so far africa is winning though.. its this vs. this