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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One For The Road

LUPE. Get at me.

[Potential Outro? - I think it could run on 
for like 5 minutes on its own...
It just makes me want to smile and nod my head.]

I really don't know what it is that is helping me to make at least one beat per day. I think it is the vision that this mixtape could be REALLY good. There are some really talented and creative minds that are channelling their flair into the project - ranging from emcees to graphic designers, from singers to marketing specialists, from hip hop heads to indie kids, from males to females, etc. As the list furthers, so does the vitality of Good Food as an entity.


(As the vocals on the beat are trying to say: "Got to have... Patience.")


Anonymous said...

hey man these beats are really far out man. i would like to murder them. lol.

i'm glad i found your blog. i'll be here a lot.

holla back!

Anonymous said...

wow im really feelin this one..whats the sample from, i know i've heard it before??

Fullo said...

these beats are raw. sounds like the mix tapes gonna be really dope, I'm gonna want to cop that for sure

brandUn DeShay said...

you did a great job flippin it. ive heard like...2 or 3 versions of this sample but yours is top 3.


im playin. its ILL.

brandUn DeShay said...

and to Joey the sample is

"Something Special" by The Sylvers

Dekk said...


You heard the Blue Scholar's version?

.. dope too...

I read somewhere that Lupe doesn't fuck with samples anymore... You should still send it to his management though.. love your music..


Dominique said...

youu continue to amaze me. shit is gnarly. im a hip hop head/ indie kid, i need in on this madness!