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Monday, December 15, 2008

He's Beginning To Believe

"Man, that song SOOOOOOOO exhausted." - brandUn DeShay - LOL.
"Rediculousbananasultrasuperdooperretarded" - Frank Ramz - LOL.

Cool responses.

They're going to murder it.

Introduction to the mixtape.


N-EIGHT said...

shit is nuts. i emailed you sir

Max Schaefer said...

Hey I sent you an email.

In My Hometown is fucking crazy, I'd love to get on that shit.

Cool Music said...

wassuup charlie man im really feeling dis can u send me dis to my email im gonna email u in a second so u kno who i am

Anonymous said...


Dominique said...

yowzaaaa! fuckin snazzy!

okay, so if we're sampling things with the word charlie, you need to sample that shit from willy wonka where its like "cheer up charlieeeeeeeee give us a smile"