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Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Food Update

What's up everybody?

Firstly, I want to thank those who have shown interest and offered their kind words. Not only do I appreciate it, but I hope to pay (read: give beats) you all for it. It helps me "continue to do my thing", so keep that up for my sake as well as yours.

Secondly, the mixtape is JUST starting - nothing has been finalized, nothing is for certain, so everyone still has an opportunity to be on there.

Finally, I respect the artist's opinion more than most, but part of the reason why I do this / am doing this is because I like the process of "concept building". I don't want to sound like I am "doing a Kanye" and kicking up a fuss, it is just part of the fun I guess.

So far - the plate is empty.

(I use "-" too much.)


DNelson said...

The things I'd do to jump on this man get at me. I'd tear on that Desire beat!

You got my email addy. If not get at me in a comment or something.

I'm really feelin the beats, the mixtape is a good ass idea, can get artist noticed as well as yourself.

Frederick Lazarus said...

I'm really interested in rapping, andn maybe singing, on i do it for you

Karizmatik said...

At least theres a plate homie! lol

Anonymous said...

well, iKnow I'm going to be somewhere on that plate!