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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beat Drop #1 - [Upped]

Beat Drop #1

Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

[N.B. The beat called "You Are" is going to be the title record. So consider its name to be "Good Food". If you sound like Erykah Badu, or know someone that does, or know her - please get in touch! - you know it would sound PERFECT.]


brandUn DeShay said...

alrigh, not this beat....but i wanna get on the tape you got comin. send me some options or an OPTION.

Dominique said...

love the sounds.
shade, shame, blame is my fav

you def have to get e.badu, itd be sooo gnarly.

Chris Campbell said...

does "i do it for you" sample anything or is that all original? i'd absolutely love the opportunity to go over any of these, for real.

charles was not liein about you. good look on everything.