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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Introducing... Growing Wings

Long time no speak. After the 'Good Food' project was released I decided to take a step back and watch the word disperse. I want to thank everyone that contributed to the effort - from laying a verse on the mixtape itself, to posting on blogs after its release. A special shout out to (2)DopeBoyz for hosting the tape, it wouldn't have been heard by half as many people had it not been for Shake.

Now things must move forward, the feedback has driven me onto new things. I am the executive producer for Wing Span's latest EP called 'Growing Wings' [the artwork above is not the EP's final artwork - It was just me messing around]. I will be producing a large amount of the tracks on the EP, with help from Woody(sProduce). Shake has given... the nod ( bad) to the project and has agreed to host it in collaboration with illRoots.

Wing Span recorded a promotional track this week, to get into the mindset for the EP. Check it out: HERE.


Gambitt said...

looking forward to it my dude.

Is it alittle earlier to ask about a "Good Food II" in the future?

Wing Span said...

thanks for looking out man. I actually recorded the track last Monday to test out a new studio.

Growing Wings will have a different feel and be more improved but anyways thanks hilton!!!

neomerge said...

Word I felt you had the best verse on that whole entire good food tape. Keep your head up and finally release the EP we've all been waiting for.

prince said...

i agree with gambit.

Anonymous said...

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