It's here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just uploaded on the Media Player in the right-hand side bar.



Jaron Lee said...

CH- giving credit where it's due, your production's dope...the Adele remix is on my ipod as we speak (Quest's rhymes sound right on top of those pianos). I'll be keeping an ear out when you get your break.

Stay up with the blog and thanks for the shout.


pasteljets said...
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pasteljets said...

yoshi! my name is nepTune june and i hve been checkin ya shit out and ya shit is ill...i want to use some of yor beats on me joint mixtape called painted poetry and i wanted to i know how do i get some beats if they are free.

return sound at

~nepTune june~...outtie

Anonymous said...

yo charlie,
Ackronym here. Sent in my submission for this beat. lemme know what you think