It's here!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One Dollar Bill

If you want it let me know.
I have a plan for the song.
I have yet to figure out the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

What do you use to make your beats?

Confusion said...

Yo CharlieHilton! Damn. This is tight.

Gorilla G said...

i'll put a nice sixteen on it, this is a go hard beat though

Gorilla G said...

how about you put them dudes on ya blogroll on it, like ramz,fuze and Deshay

Anonymous said...

yooo you said your heading to New York right? down to do some work together?

hit me up and look for LeNzZz on twitter

Anonymous said...

All over Kanyes dick. You should pick up some new sounds. 1984 midi files are a little outdated.

Charlie Hilton said...


So is e-thuggery.

Chi$m said...

I neeed this beat Charlie please...I just murdered a freestyle 2 myself...i just hooked up cubase 2 my tascam so could I record it and send it back?..see what u think..Id love 2 work with your idea 2..shodmusic@gmail (from twitter)

Anonymous is synonymous with pussy...808 on my brother..