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Monday, January 05, 2009

My Favorite Rapper EVER.

In my opinion Brother Ali is a class above the rest. 

Check his Myspace.

"For real, I be diligently killin' the soliloquies
Of these milipeads that try to pass themselves off as ill MC's
I weave a web of words so intricately
That the English dictionary lacks an adjective to fit me

If you haven't heard of him / heard him before... You are in for a treat.


Dominique said...

he is truly the shit lol.

i love the song forrest whitaker (even though i probably butchered the spelling)

Knowledge of The Union said...
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Knowledge of The Union said...

he's definitely ill as hell, but he don't rap like that quote no more. So I stay playin his old shit, rarely the newness