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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kind Words

"So I've been listening to stuff from this producer Charlie Hilton ( and I've got to say this dude is down right nice, beautiful production all around (lol, he's definitely better than me) though he's mostly on that deep heartfelt rap and RnB stuff, cool stuff regardless, everyone has their seat, and he makes his look like it's been vacant for him this whole time." -

I really appreciated that. I like to think that people spend time listening to my stuff and noting my ability. Especially given that I am a producer and, mostly, beats are pretty boring to listen to without some sort of vocal on them. Anyway, I am in no way "well known" in terms of my craft, but my name crops up here and there and that is important for my progression as an artist, internally.

As long as I feel my art is appreciated, I will continue to do what I do. If you don't know what I do, then you haven't paid enough attention. I'm not a charity, I'm not going to move mountains for you but I will help you if you help me.


jawanza said...

you truly are an insperation, through your music..

Jawanza said...

i ment inspiration. lol my bat

Anonymous said...

i would agree, but "He's beginning to believe" is blatantly stolen from juelz santana. the actual beat is a beat off of what the games been missing

Charlie Hilton said...

LOL... Just you wait.