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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jet The Hawk


Jet the Hawk (ジェット・ザ・ホーク) is the 14-year-old hawk leader of the Babylon Rogues, and is often nicknamed the "Legendary Wind Master" due to his mastery of Extreme Gear.

At the doors of the Babylonian Fortress, Jet, Wave, and Storm awaken and are confronted by the Babylon Guardian, a large purple genie, and only succeed in defeating it with the help of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. They discover the fabled Babylonian Treasure to be the ancient Extreme Gear Magic Carpet.
Jet and Sonic finally decide to be more friendly to each other. Jet concedes to the fact that Sonic is faster than him. However, this doesn't make him want to beat Sonic any less than in the beginning.

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Jet wishes upon a shooting star the power to beat Sonic, then when the shooting star crashes it causes an avalanche, making a newly found artifact activate, revealing to Jet the powers of Gravity Control. Proclaiming himself the fastest thing in the universe, Jet sets off to find the rest of the Ark's of the Cosmos, and prove to Sonic the Hedgehog once and for all he is the best.

Jet and Sonic meet up again at MeteoTech and Jet immediately jumps at the chance to prove once and for all to Sonic that he is the fastest in the universe. Later at the end of the game Jet and Sonic have a race to prove who gets the title of fastest and all of the Ark of the Cosmos. Jet and Sonic tie and Sonic gives his Ark of the Cosmos to him. Tails figures out that the Arks use Black Holes to use Gravity Control and if all of them are close enough to Babylon Garden the the entire world be sucked up by the massive Black Hole it would make.

One of Eggman's robots flies into the room and steals the Arks from Wave and flies them to Babylon Garden. Babylon Garden reverts back into it's usual form as a space ship and a black hole appears at it's center and begins sucking in the world. Jet, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Wave and Storm fly to the Garden and defeat the Core: ABIS program. The last cutscene from the game is Sonic, Tails, Knuckles driving through a city and Jet flying up beside them and challenging Sonic to another race.

Few people notice that Jet has the opposite color scheme to Sonic. Sonic is blue with green eyes, but Jet is green with blue eyes (Scourge the Hedgehog has the exact same color scheme).

Jet's original name was intended to be "Wind".


Himself, treasure, lounging, sleeping, money, daydreaming 
about being rich, stealing, airboarding, tickling Sonic (pause).

Anyone who is faster or more confident than him (Sonic).

Main Skill:
Extreme Gear specialist.

- Storm the Albatross
- Wave the Swallow
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Miles "Tails" Prower
- Knuckles the Echidna
- Amy Rose

Out of the all the Sonic characters to have officially raced Sonic, he is the first character to have beaten him. BALLIN'.

To many Sonic fans, Jet is considered one of Sonic's greatest rivals and ally.

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Cool Musik said...

ok i see ya droppin some sonic knowledge i fucks wit sonic but my favorite characters gotta b knuckles (his whole swag) , vector the crocodile ( he loves music), espio the chameleon (ninjas = atomatic coolness), and shadow (we all have a dark side)