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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Dream On

Concept: There is a part in every man's heart that is taken up by a love for something; whether it be love, money, women, a woman, music, travelling, etc. When things obstruct your love for it - you want it even more. I want the song to capture that feeling without explicitly saying what it is - which is the first verse. Second verse: The vocals say "Want to go back with you" - this verse is directed towards going back to that emotion. For example, if you have just met someone, that exciting feeling of whether it would be right to be with them. The fact is, you want it / them so much that there is no question in your mind.

Sidebar #1
Kanye, you are a genius and I am
coming to take your throne.

Sidebar # 2

Zoe Kravitz.

(I will see you in NY. This beat is for you.)


Frank Ramz aka Frankenstein said...

did you know the other CH also posted an entry about her?
or was this coincidence

Anonymous said...

It's throne btw...

Get em!

Cool Musik said...

anybody out there i got an idea 4 dis beat

picture being in a long relationship wit a good as girl does all u want and need so u are doin wateva it takes 2 make money (4 example trappin,workin long hours,etc., etc.) 2 take care of her but here's the twistin up part

the first verse will be the money rappin 2 u (the person makin the money) about y u need her, y love her, y u dream of her every night, etc. the money talks and makes u feel justified in your negelcting of your girl to obtain her so its kinda like money formed a female (who u kinda work wit) that is tryin 2 convience u 2 stay cheatin on your first love (your girl at da time)

right then like the second verse is you like rappin back 2 da money explainin u and her relationship (its jus business) and u spittin 2 yo girl 2 try and mend ya'll since it says "Want to go back with you"

let me kno wat ya'll think and we can work on it


Cool Musik said...

and if anybody try and use my idea witout me