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Monday, December 08, 2008


Massive Attack with 'Teardrops'
[Best music video?]
I know you are going to sample it.


Anonymous said...

this is also REDIC
unreal? YES
na, but dead ass, this is really amazing!!!!
who animated this ??????
kind of spooked me out at first...but still great
like, im watching this as i'm typing and my jaw is on the floor wow!!
the little baby just stared me in the eyes, im bugging out right now...

Karizmatik said...

Haha. Massive Attack is oldddd school.

And to the dude aboveme, this shit is a little old now. It's an official music video that got dropped with the song yearsss back lol.

Dope song though. You check out Jose Gonzales cover of it? Alot of covers been done, but his is dope.