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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tears Of Our City - REDONE

EDIT: Redone on 18th December 2008.

This is the SECOND draft first verse of "In My Hometown" (the name has changed to "Tears Of Our City"). Sung by, my boy, Robin London. There are also bridges after each verse.

If you are interested in being on this track, let me know and I will outline the concept to you.



Max Schaefer said...

dawg I am feelin this track. let me know the concept... you got my email

Chris Campbell said...

that is NICE. i wanna hear more from that dude.

gave that track a real good feel, and i was surprised cuz even though the song's so recent, the verse made it completely new and different.

Robin - Ardeshir. said...

I've re-recorded this, and we working on it.
im feelin the rap verses should be like Game on My life.
take a listen.
quite HARD, but downbeat and deepish voice.
what u say


Teddybear Sr. said...

not really feeling the autotune...but the words are nice! little more tweaking and it would be a very nice track

Anonymous said...

Liking the sound...theres like 5 tracks im REALLY lovin, but its all good. The mixtape should be real nice. Good luck with everything

Ardeshir. said...

Existence is Futile is MINE.
what a hot beat, but i just put it out.
get this collaboration shit going..
need some verses for Tears of Our city..gonna be (Lionel) messi


Dominique said...

this is sweet. i like.

remix- tears of my suburb?