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Monday, December 01, 2008

Charlie Hilton presents 'Good Food'

I have had a few epiphanies throughout the past year convincing me that it is about time I make an album (read: mixtape). I was thinking that I made far too many beats to just let them stack up on iTunes and become reminders of the previous echelon of my producing ability. So I have decided to create the first installment in a mixtape series, it will be called; 'Good Food'.

I realized that with so many people in the world to keep in check, it would be difficult to produce mixtapes that would be completely coherent to one goal or concept. Therefore, I will be choosing things that are of utmost importance to me as the names, such as good food. (N.B. I don't mean Michelin Star cuisine, I am talking about healthy, wholesome meals. Ones that are passed down from generation-to-generation - like i hope the music will be. I also fear that the title will come off as arrogant or pretentious: "Wow, it's his first album and he's already calling himself "good", big-headed fuck..." Well, to be honest, if you see it like that then it will probably bring you back for a second helping just to prove me wrong; so it works out for me.)

I also hate the word: 'Mixtape'. I think the title dooms the project to degeneracy because EVERYONE does it. I guess it is an effective way of letting people know it is non-profit and therefore samples don't have to get cleared (and that the 'tape is free)... But I digress. 

"My food for thought so hot it gives you dudes ulcers..."
- Jay-Z, Blueprint, Hola Hovito

"This is, food for thought, you do the dishes..."
- Jay-Z, The Dynasty, Jay-Z Intro

I guess that didn't really conclude or clarify what I am trying to say here but it is where I am going with it. I want the album to be outside-of-the-box, lyrical, emotion inducing, thought provoking, confusing (at times), well-crafted and, most of all, set a touchstone for projects what lie ahead.


How It Works

I will continue posting the lasted beats on here, and if you want them let me know. Each beat will go under competition for a place on the album as will every person rapping / singing on the beat. (Hopefully this process will eliminate weak beats and weak performances.)

So please carry on getting in contact with me after the beats are posted with your feedback and I will give you the beat of your choice.

I am looking forward to working with you all. Keep in mind: "Good Food".



I'm Dominique said...

1) this is gnarly. i like the idea.

2) (response to your comment) the simplicity of the beat makes people focus more on the lyrics so its all gravy. but yooo if you made a beat like that nowadays, id still jam to it :) i just love sound.

Nicro said...

hey mr.hilton i heard one of your previous intrumentals and you have seriously some insane skills i would really like to hear more and maybe make a song with one of it anyway i will be staying tuned take care keep up the great work !

Fuze said...

Is there anyway you can send me all the instrumentals in a zip to my email and i could perform over all and you just make a desision which ones you like?

Charlie Hilton said...

Sure thing - I couldn't get to your blog (maybe you don't have one?)

Could you link me to a Myspace or something?

If you send me an email (on: telling me your email / AIM / MSN / Skype then I can get the all to you.