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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

808s & Heartbreak

I have been listening to the album a few times over and I like it a lot. I have a love-hate relationship with 'Ye and his music - I find that his pretentiousness (but still remaining awkward) a little too much to bear. However, he hasn't made a weak album yet; from start to finish (besides some exceptions) he churns out classics.

This is one of the most talked about projects this year, mainly because of its experimental nature. I also know that blogs have probably been started just to write reviews about it, it seems everyone has. So all I want to do is mention the songs that I appreciated as a fellow producer of "Hip Hop" and the one I didn't.

In order of quality:

1) Say You Will - How the hell he made that sound good for six minutes and eighteen seconds, I will never know.

2) Bad News - Like most of the album I can't help but think that Kanye tried to changed his voice into a robotic version of Nina Simone - good news... Bringing back Nina Simone will always be a positive in my eyes.

3) Amazing - I love the off-beat pianos in this, it really adds to the swing of the drums. I was surprised I like Jeezy in this too - his voice worked perfectly. The hook is truly amazing. Good shit Kanye.

4) See You In My Nightmares - This is the apex of Hip Hop in 2008. The two heavyweights, no freshmen, just the raw talent of Kanye West and Dwayne Carter combined. The track may not be completely outstanding but it is historic.

Song I hated:

Robocop - Hurts my ears, annoys me, a waste of three and a half minutes. The hook sounds like a cheesy euro-trance-pop song, the snare sounds like a distorted sigh. I really don't get this record - doesn't fit in with any of the rest of the album. 

Seriously, take that shit off there 'Ye.


Anonymous said...

iSwear iWish iWas on this album...singing my lungs away!!!
iLove this album, alot of my friends and others dont...iGuess they were expecting kanye to rap all the damn time, but dudes a musical genious!!!

Anonymous said...

say you will is my fav to, oh about the coldplay thing i liked coldplay waaaaaaaaaaaaay before jay decided they were cool to rap wit.

Anonymous said...

john oshea is shit